Multidisciplinary Design

BroLLte is an art on paper and lighting design company that has been developing products since 2004. Since that time, BroLLte has developed several collections and worked on many residential and commercial projects.

Whether it is for the design of mood-enhancing objects or decorating a space, BroLLte creates only trendy one-off pieces that revisit traditional art on paper by instilling it with a contemporary dimension. You will discover several models of table lamps, floor lamps and light boxes. We are also currently finalizing suspension lamps, wall sconces and new collections integrating textiles.

In addition, BroLLte offers pieces created with fine papers made from 100% cotton. Infused with an original technique allying inks, pencils, silk-screening, stitching, perforations, wood and concrete, this artwork, in which organic forms meet the contemporary lines of current design, plays on the blurry boundaries between art, craftsmanship and design.

BroLLte Artist statement

The designer is driven by the desire to find in the utilitarian and/or decorative objects that inhabit our environment the exclusive touch of artistic intervention to add a distinctive note to our private and/or professional spaces. The organic treatment of the inks and colors refers to our own biology and that of our environment.


Alexandre Brault
Multidisciplinary Designer.